Little Owl Sculpture

Glazed Stoneware / Edition One of One / Approx. Size 13cm x 13cm / Approx. Weight 2kg

The little owl is in size as it is in name, but don’t let it’s height dictate its stature.

Unable to move their eyes, they instead move their heads in order to see.

Watching their fluid movements as they survey the world around them, you often feel their eyes on you before you know that they are there.

Owls are said to represent many things throughout time and culture. In the UK it mainly stands for wisdom – “The Wise OId Owl.”

Science proves that it indeed has one of the smallest relative brain sizes for a bird, perhaps made up for by their incredible eyes, so perhaps not so wise after all?

I believe we should ask the owl herself, here is what she has to say;


All is not as it looks.

Though my eyes are large my hearing is my power. The power to listen.”


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This sculpture is numbered 1/1 and comes with a Certificate of Authentication

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