I had a wonderful connection with a tree, who imparted some wisdom on me that I’ll never forget. They said, “don’t miss the things you weren’t looking for, just because you weren’t looking for them.”

Well this was ringing in my ears the time I looked out of my studio window in the damp air to see some movement in the stone wall.

I couldn’t quite make things out, but using my camera to zoom in I could see a tiny, sweet little mousey nose, just peering out from the stones. Their little paw poised to scoop up a little sunflower seed dropped by the birds.

Those big, beautiful eyes, the delicate whiskers, the tiny little pink hands just melted my heart and I had to draw this special moment I was lucky enough to see, thanks to the tree.

Format – Limited edition of 50. A3 sized (42cm x 29.7cm) Hand-signed print on 260gsm Epson Premium Luster Photo Paper with Certificate of Authenticity.

Price includes VAT at 20%

All reference photos used in my artwork are my own. It’s so important for me to have had an encounter with everything I create so that I can truly capture them as individuals and infuse my work with their character.


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