Owl is not as it seems

Owl Is Not As It Seems

A sculpture in Stoneware visually investigating a message I received from a Little Owl in when I was out for a walk.
She spotted me long before I spotted her, camouflaged against the dry stone wall. Maybe it was her staring at me that made me see her – you know that feeling you get when you’re being watched. I stood with her for a good 20 minutes. I placed my hands on the wall and closed my eyes to connect with her.

She said, “Listen.” All is not as it looks. Though my eyes are large my hearing is my power. The power to listen.”

Thank you, dear owl.

I sketched a few ideas and nothing seemed to fit until one evening I was inspired to create this piece.

I love how she shows her owl form from every angle.

Material Stoneware Ceramic finished with underglazes and oxides

Dimensions Height – 22cm Length – 20cm Width – 13cm

Weight 2.8kg

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Product Safety & Care

This is not a toy nor food safe and should be kept out of reach of young children.

Please ensure you find a safe place for the piece as if toppled could cause damage to what they land on!

For wall-mounted pieces, please make sure your method of fixing is strong enough to support them and not in a place where they would cause damage if they were to fall. If in doubt please seek the advice of a professional experienced in fixing wall hangings.

Avoid direct sunlight and damp areas such as bathrooms. Suitable for indoors only. Clean only with a soft dry cloth/brush.