Puffin Sculpture – Large Head Study

Welcome to the enchanting realm of my handmade ceramic puffin sculptures!

As an artist, I love to immerse myself in the fascinating world of these charismatic seabirds to bring their spirit to life through my sculptures.

Each puffin is lovingly handmade, starting from a lump of mud, ensuring its individuality and uniqueness. Whether you’re a bird lover, a collector, or simply seeking a touch of coastal charm for your space, my handmade ceramic puffins will captivate your heart and transport you to the rugged shores where these charming characters reside.

Whether displayed on a windowsill, nestled among seashells, or adorning a nature-inspired centerpiece, these puffins will become cherished companions that elicit smiles and inspire daydreams of coastal adventures.

Size – Approx 22cm high x 20cm wide

Material – Stoneware clay & underglazes. Stamped underneath with my logo.

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How they’re made

Mud, glorious mud! well, professional-grade stoneware clay from the UK to be precise.

Out of the bag the clay needs, “wedging,” to remove any air trapped that can later cause problems during firing. Wedging is physical and theraputic!

Once the clay is prepared, I create two identical spheres before pinching each into a bowl shape.

The two bowls are then scored and joined before being left to dry a little.

Once the hollow sphere is a little firmer, I then create the puffin shape, I create a hole in the base so the air can escape (solid structures are more likely to blow up during firing as any moisture left tries to escape.) I repeat the process to create the tail, which I then attach using the score and slip method. I then sculpt the eyes, ears and nose.

I’ll then wait a little before refining the surface further.

Next is the bisque firing. Once I have enough pieces to fill the kiln I will set the kiln off on a progressive heating programme to reach 1060°C.

Once cooled (usually 24-48 hours later) I can then apply coloured underglazes – usually 2-3 layers hand painted on. They’re then left another 24 hours before having a clear glaze applied on top – again another 2-3 layers. It’s important to make sure there’s no glaze on the base of each piece or they will stick to the kiln shelf.

Then once they’re dry, it’s back into the kiln for the glaze firing. This time the temperature reaches 1245°C Again it can take a good 24-48 hours before the pieces are cool enough to handle. Then it’s quality check time, and if I’m happy with them, they get a stamp on their bottom, photographed and added to the website for their new owners to adopt them.