British Wildlife

Spring Collection

Red Squirrel Sculpture

2022 / Glazed Stoneware / Edition One of One / Approx. Size 24cm x 23cm / Approx. Weight 2kg

Favoured over the grey cousin, the smaller and arguably cuter red squirrel is one of the nation’s favourite wild mammals.

The greys are being subjected to culling and enforced contraception to try increasing the red population.

This is mightily unjust. It was humans who caused the issue in the first instance. Some posh gentry chap decided that it would be pretty to have some grey squirrels released with the native reds. Of course they wanted to explore and this has led to today’s imbalance.

Watching red squirrels is a real treat.

They are quick and nimble both on their feet and in the air.

Dynamic lines represent the flow and movement created as they balance themselves with their tails.

Pausing for a brief moment whilst standing on their hind legs, they often hold their hands together in front of their chest – almost as if asking for something.


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