The Spring Gathering 1

The 1st in a series of 3 pieces capturing the excitable, gregarious little flock of long-tailed tits, gathering together briefly on spring blossom before noisily undulating their way to the next. A joyous, fleeting moment.

Format – one-off A0 (1189mm x 841mm) hand-signed print on 260gsm Epson Premium Luster Photo Paper with Certificate of Authenticity. Price includes VAT at 20%

The story behind the art

The first time I came across these beautiful birds was when one appeared outside my studio window. On closer inspection they were all over the garden! What a treat!

I particularly love their energy, fluffy feathers and happy little natures.

They’re particularly popular in Japan, where it’s known as the Fairy Bird. Shima Enaga, シマエナガ
If you would like the Japanese inscribed on the piece I am happy to add this for you.

Creating single pieces rather than limited editions reflects the unique moment and beings from which I draw my inspiration from (pun intended.) Each piece is exclusive to one single owner.

That means there will only be one certified print in the entire world.

All reference photos used in my artwork are my own. It’s so important for me to have had an encounter with everything I create so that I can truly capture them as individuals and infuse my work with their character.