Tootsies Hedgehog

A unique large hedgehog sculpture complete with moon glaze

I’ve been lucky to see hedgehogs up close and they have the cutest little feet.

As they emerge from a tight ball they reveal their tiny toes.

This hedgehog is MUCH bigger and heavier but the moment is the same.

Size – Approx 22cm in height by 33cm in length.

Material – Stoneware clay and glaze. Stamped underneath with my logo.

Weight– Approx 10kg

Free delivery – Please allow 5 working days, rushed orders can be arranged at an extra cost.

VAT – Included VAT at 20%


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How she was made

Mud, glorious mud! well, professional-grade stoneware clay from the UK to be precise.

Out of the bag the clay needs, “wedging,” to remove any air trapped that can later cause problems during firing. Wedging is physical and theraputic!

This girl was built using the ancient coiling technique which involves rolling coils and building the shape up in layers to create a hollow form (solid structures are more likely to blow up during firing as any moisture left tries to escape.) It’s a slow process -you can’t rush the build as the form may just collapse under its own weight.

After allowing her to dry a little I was able to shape and sculpt her and then add the feet (tootsies).

Next was the bisque firing – a progressive heating programme to reach 1000°C.

Once cooled (48 hours later) I was able to hand paint three layers of white glaze to her face and tummy. For her “spikes,” I thought I would use a glaze that represents the surface of the moon. It’s a beautiful glaze but does take about 10 layers painted on!

Next was the glaze firing – this time the temperature reaches 1245°C, this is where the alchemy and magic happens and gives the surface the final appearance.