Hare art print
Hare art print

Washing My Hare Giclée Fine Art Print

4am, and all was quiet on my walk with the camera, until I reached the top of the hill. By chance I looked over a wall – there was a hare! We caught sight of each other and I greeted them gently. Once they were happy they proceeded to bathe in the moonlight, then just as soon as they’d appeared, they were gone.

Then another appeared! A smaller, fluffier one who was running right towards me. She stopped, lay down a moment before getting back up and running closer to me. I couldn’t believe my eyes! She too decided to have a wash before settling down to gaze at the moon, which by this point was fainter and opposite the sunrise.

I agreed with her that it was indeed a beautiful morning as we stayed there in peace, in each other’s company. 10 minutes we remained this way together, before some idiot in a car decided that he would honk his horn as he drove past, and that was the end of that. Annoyed at the interruption but incredibly grateful to have had the experience I headed home for breakfast.

Using my digital tablet and pen (hey, if it’s good enough for David Hockney it’s good enough for me!) allows me to get closer to the subject before even getting my hands on clay and creating sculptures from my encounters.

Print details

12″ x 12″ printed on Hahnemühle German Etching paper – a natural white, sustainably sourced, uncoated paper with a similar texture to Tintoretto Gesso. Acid-free and mould-made it’s ideal for Fine Art Prints and highly-detailed photography.

Hand-signed by me before being packaged inside a compostable wrapper and recyclable cardboard envelope for safe delivery.

Open edition print

Fine Print

The colour of the print may vary from that of your screen due to the nature of print vs digital viewing.

The frame and surround are not included.


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Paper texture closeup