Weasel Sculpture

Glazed Stoneware / Edition One of One / Approx. Size 7cm x 19cm / Approx. Weight 0.5kg

The UK’s smallest carnivore, these cute but feisty little critters make light of meals bigger then themselves in size.

“Sneaky and sly,” their weasel name has become synonymous with negative human attributes.
Why? Because of their incredible ability to squeeze through the smallest gaps in order to access food. In the past this meant farmer’s chickens.

Super quick and agile, I believe they would be better served if we started saying things like
“as fast and agile as a weasel,”
This little guy is having a brief rest and making sure to groom his fur so he’s in tip top condition for any female admirers.

If there were any females watching, he may have evaded their desires as he was reaching too far and fell off the log he was on.


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This sculpture is numbered 1/1 and comes with a Certificate of Authentication

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