Starry night

Reiki Share

I had THE best night’s sleep last night. In fact, I’m ashamed to admit I didn’t wake up until 08:30 this morning and could have happily stayed there a bit longer!

What is a Reiki share?

It’s where a group of like-minded people who are trained in reiki (an ancient Japanese healing method) get together to share the positive, healing reiki energy not only amongst the group, but to all who need it. Some of the work is hands-on and some of it is through distant healing.

During one of my hands-on treatments to a wonderful, kind friend, I found my soul inviting nature to bring her;

The strength of the trees when the harsh winds blow, with the freedom of birds from the ground far below,

The fruitfulness of the Autumn harvest and the knowledge that with winter you’ll be able to rest,

The wonder that comes from a clear starry sky, the peace in your heart where you don’t question why,

The silvery shimmer that comes from the moon, and knowing that flowers and spring will come soon.

Driving home, there was a half moon, a clear starry sky, and I was lucky enough to spot not one, but TWO barn owls!!!! No wonder I slept like a log!

I have Holistic Wellbeing to thank for both my training and their ongoing events and support.