Resiliency, Self-empowerment & Choice

Another revelation from The Artist’s Way – the key to resiliency comes from self-empowerment and choice.

I was reminded of this by two baby blackbirds this afternoon whilst sat outside trying to work.

Next door aren’t exactly the quiet people we’re used to here and to compound matters they’re dog-sitting a rather yappy hound. Not at all condusive to working and thinking, especially when you’re used to just hearing birdsong.

For the past few days I could feel my blood boiling hotter and hotter the louder they got and the less I could concentrate. Even if I stayed inside with the windows open I could hear them! Ugh.

The two baby blackbirds who I’ve seen a lot of these past couple of weeks were sat in the tree. They must have been there for a good solid 20 minutes. They weren’t doing anything, they were just being. I felt the urge to close my eyes and connect with them. Here’s what they shared;

“We are the last ones to go to bed, and the first ones to rise.

If there’s still light you can squeeze more out of the day.”

They share what they can see from their branches on the tree – I can see myself working on my, “square box,” (laptop) under the parasol. They show me a pastel-shades rainbow aura around me. Just as they show me the aura a family of sparrows land in front of me.

The baby blackbirds continue,

“If you have inner peace, then outside noise can’t anger you.

You have the power over how to react to things.”

I feel so much love and joy radiating from their hearts to mine and I thank them – they are truly generous and gracious with their wisdom.

The photo shows one of them from the other day standing their ground against a starling who disturbed their inner peace. Looks like we’re all learing as we grow.