RSPBee – Day 2 of the 30 day challenge

I’ve been busy sculpting, and…..!!!!! I’ve been given the chance to have a stand at the RSPB Old Moor Christmas fair, which I’ve been keeping my fingers crossed for!!!! Happy dance!!!!. Now I’m panicking about what to create to have on my stall!

That said, I’ve been busy creating in clay today, and pushing it so I know what I should avoid too. Squirrel lost his legs and tail at the slightest touch. I suppose reflecting on the fragility of the physical nature, and the understanding of our physical limitations is all part of the process.

I spent 15 minutes this evening with a bee exploring my leg/foot. These 15 minutes coincided with an online event I was missing due to our encounter. I knew our time together was more important than the previous plans I had tried to put in place.

Day two’s message was from the friendly bee

Things or beings. Thinking or being.
Why? I know I should know, but I don’t. What I do know is that little soul made me very aware of being in the present moment. Not only that, but trusting without reason, to not asking why, questioning others, but to accepting that they have their reasons, and we are connected somehow, whether we know why or not, and that’s all ok. Because everything is always ok, even when it seems like it’s not.
Bee on my toe