Sculpting – Part 3

Today was week 3’s session of the 6 week hand building with clay course. It was the first chance to start creating our ideas. I decided to go with the Little Owl since I’d drawn her and she’d been kind enough to impart her wisdom on me to share.

It was suggested that I make a small one first to get my head around the shape – it ended up a bit bigger than I had thought, and was solid, carved out of a cube of clay. I did feel a lot of trepidation – could I do it? What if I was rubbish? This is what I want to be doing, so what if I’m no good at it?

I told myself that I can’t learn if I don’t do. I have to start somewhere! The Artist’s Way advice came flooding back to me and I took that tool and lump of clay and just went for it.

I hope I’ve managed to capture some of her, I don’t want them to be too literal, but I want to get across their personality and some of the encounter we shared somehow.

I had time in the 2 hours to create her, start a larger hollow version of her, a hollow head of a badger and even a little curled up hedgehog. The time just flew by and I’m thoroughly enjoying myself!

Owl sculpt