Shouty Squirrel

Well my face must have been a right picture! A 4am start to go and photograph wildlife along a canal and the last thing I expected was a shouty squirrel! OK, so it wasn’t really wildlife we were searching for, it was ducklings. My friend Bev had been on this route the week before and sent me photos of the wonderful little, “dinkies,” and so we went in search of them today.

Now don’t get me wrong, I’ve met and heard shouty squirrels before, in parks when they were competing for territory and warning rivals about food and mates, those shouty, “eep eeps!” were strange enough, but heck, I’ve never heard one that sounds like a baby crow?!

I scoured the trees and banking with the telephoto lens, but all I could see was a squirrel with its bum turned towards us. I couldn’t see any birds anywhere. Then a lady jogger stopped and asked what we’d seen. We explained we hadn’t seen it, but had heard it. She told us the tale of the squirrel she had seen before somewhere else who had made a similar noise. We weren’t convinced. She jogged away and I focused my camera on said squirrel. Well, when I saw it make the noise I turned to Bev with my jaw on the floor. My face must have been a right picture!

Turns out squirrels CAN sound like baby crows.

Not only that, but this particular shouty squirrel ran down the tree, grabbed a full on crust of bread someone had left, high-tailed it back up the tree and hidden it, before taunting us from a branch on the other side of the canal.

Shouty Squirrel