Joyful little critters inspired by British wildlife

Handmade one-of-a-kind ceramic critters inspired by our wonderful British wildlife, including the Joyful Birds you may have seen me making on BBC1’s Make it at Market program.

Made to be held and touched, not just looked at, these heartfelt pieces which I make with so much love are sure to bring comfort and joy to whoever gives them a home – whether it’s a treat for you or someone you love.

Looking after our home

I use recycleable and recycled packaging for posting out my work – including the packing peanuts which are made from sustainable raw materials and are 100% biodegradeable and compostable.

I use power from 100% renewable sources to fire my electric kiln which is modern and highly efficient – and I only fire when they’re full so as not to waste any space. The professional clay I source comes from Stoke-on-Trent in the UK.

Looking after wildlife

I’m able to give back through by donating my art to support wildlife at a grassroots level, this is massively important to me and I’m so thankful that by purchasing from a small maker like myself you enable me to help them.

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