Summer Solstice

You could tell it was the summer solstice tonight! Why? Because it was cloudy and raining.

A few friends gathered together for a walk to the local woodland to spend a couple of hours in nature, connecting to the earth and enjoying each other’s company to celebrate the longest day. We listened as Ann and Jonathan from Holistic Wellbeing retold the ancient tale of the Oak King and the Ivy King.

On our way back the sun managed to not only make an appearance, but emerged from the clouds in spectacular fashion for a beautiful sunset.

When I got home I didn’t want to go inside so I sat in the garden admiring the sky. It was incredibly still and quiet and I photographed the night clouds with my phone. Can you see the face in the one I’m sharing here? I’d like to think of it as the man in the moon.

I did manage to get told off by a bat who was circling the garden at high speed.

I exclaimed “Batty!!!” with excitement and they proceeded to tell me off for neglecting to spend much time with the nocturnal creatures, and that when I AM out late enough I usually have a glass of something in my hand, so I may as well have cotton wool in my ears!”

I consider myself repremanded and will make a better effort in future!

Summer Solstice
The Man In The Moon