The beauty in the perceived mundane

This week I’ve had something of a reality check, and it came from what a lot of people consider to be a boring beige bird.

The “humble” sparrow.

My first reminder came from a chap who told me his favourite bird was the sparrow. Asked why he told me, “tree sparrows are now largely just a distant echo of my youth.”

I’d never thought of sparrows as being something of the past because they’re so present in my life here. It did make me wonder about their future though. Is it human nature to only start to truly appreciate something once there’s a danger that it might be lost? That the common becomes uncommon – there’s value in its scarcity that wasn’t there before? Even though they haven’t changed?

If this is the case are we doomed to continue down the path of only starting to care for things when there’s a chance we might lose them?

My second reminder, and something of a poignant one, was the Samaritans sign at Bempton Cliffs. Complete with an aforementioned “boring beige bird” sat on top.

The message read, “Talk to us, we’ll listen.” I know many people do talk to nature, and whether they believe it true or not, nature does listen. Maybe it’s time for us to listen to them talking for a change.