The International Centre for Birds of Prey

Whilst away on some ceramics training I came across a leaflet for the International Centre for Birds of Prey. It sounded amazing so I paid a visit!

They’re a charity who focus on the caring of and conservation of birds of prey and their habitats. They also have a captive breeding programme and rehabilitate injured birds too.

Well I’m not normally one for birds in cages. Somehow it doesn’t seem right. But these birds were all obviously loved, cared for and got to fly regularly to keep their fitness. Many were there with important missions to help safeguard the future of their species. This didn’t feel like a gimmicky tourist day out, this was a professional centre that happens to open its doors to help educate the public about the plight of birds of prey, helping them to raise funds for their conservation work.

Incredibly knowledgeable, friendly bird handlers who knew the quirks and personalities of their feathered friends to the extent that only spending a lot of time with them would reveal.