The mouse, the bats, the hawk and the owl

Last Thursday I received some news that I’d been expecting, but which still deeply upset me.

In the morning, I’d noticed a little field mouse popping in and out of a wall in my garden, they brought me such joy watching them and I even managed to sneak a few photos.

The afternoon I downed tools and went for a long walk. I stood leaning on the fence of the field where the Shire horses are, just watching them. They came over and we looked into each others souls. So healing if you’re lucky enough to share such a beautiful moment with such spiritual beings.

It was dropping dark when I was making my way home, and I stopped before a footbridge as I could see a sparrowhawk sat on a wall in front of me. Just as I stopped to admire the hawk, two bats flew around me checking me out with their sonars, and I heard a female tawny owl calling – I wonder whether it was the same lady who I’d heard the other night closer to home.

A lady walked past me with her dog, no doubt wondering what the weirdo standing in the dark was doing staring at a wall. I was amazed she couldn’t see the hawk, or if she did how disinterested she was. We exchanged greetings and I moved closer to the hawk, who stayed for another minute before flying off into a tree above. It was too dark for me to see clearly, so I thanked them and made my way home.

I knew they had come with messages, as they always do.

The Field Mouse – “There is always a solution – no matter what the problem, there is always a way, so strengthen your heart, strengthen your mind. Remember – find joy in the small things.

The Sparrowhawk – “Be prepared to take on the challenge. You are protected, you are a creative being, let the ideas flow freely.

The Bats (batties) – “Unlock your fears to set yourself free – allow your fears to die so you may live free from them.

The Tawny Owl – “There is change coming, use your intuition and see beyond the veil of deceit.”