Tickly Trees

This one really made me chuckle. I was sat watching the birds early this morning. They were singing their chorus to state where they hang out and who they hang out with.

They like the tallest branch of the tree in the garden, where they sit and sing at the top of their voices. It’s like they’re sending an avian telegram, or making a phonecall via the tree network. I deliberately leave the top branches on the tree because I know the birds love to sit high up.

Which got me thinking. I wonder how the trees feel when the birds are singing so loudly on them. So I asked. “It tickles” is the reply I got, which I find wonderful and endearing, especially given that I believe the birds know that, “it tickles.” When the trees grow their leaves, it’s less intense, but in winter, when their branches are bare, they really do feel it!

Bird in the tree