Toads and frogs and newts oh my!

The toads are back! The frogs and newts too, which means I’m back on toad patrol for a little while longer. It’s giving me a great opportunity to study them up close and I feel really privileged to get to hold them in my hands.

I’ve been learning about them too. The males have little pads on their hands to help them hold onto the females as she makes her way to the spawning site while carrying him. Now that’s what I call a labour of love.

Unfortunately I found the beautiful young mountain hare I’d seen over the moors by the side of the road. She’d been hit by a car and left.

I scooped her up in my arms and carried her into the woods and found an oak tree to lay her under. I won’t lie, I sobbed my heart out. I suppose it’s the drawback of loving wildlife so deeply.

So like many people when they’re feeling low, I went on a walk to look for signs of spring. I wasn’t disappointed.

One of my favourites is the silky fur of these little tree buds (I really should know what they’re called  – any ideas?) They remind me of bunny bobtails and that new life is always coming through.