Unique Valentine’s Day Gifts for Guys: Unique Hand-Made Critters Made with Love.

I get it. Finding the perfect Valentine’s Day gift that’s thoughtful and one-of-a-kind for your guy can feel like mission impossible. It’s not even 2 months since Christmas so he’s probably got all the aftershave and socks he’ll need for the next 10 years!

But…ceramics as a valentines gift for guys?

Well, these aren’t your Grandma’s china teapots…

Each unique critter starts off as a lump of clay. They’re lovingly formed in my hands, left to dry and are refined further before being bisque fired in a kiln to 1050°C.

Once cooled, I take them out and carefully paint their colours and glazes. Each colour usually needs about 3 layers painting on, before then brushing on three more layers of glaze in some cases. Then it’s back in the kiln for their glaze firing, this time to 1245°C.

Because of how I make them, once you hold them in your own hands you feel the love too. They’re very soothing, tactile and reassuringly robust (I can’t be trusted around fragile things, I’m crazy clumsy) I pour my heart into creating each critter and those that hold them recognise it.

Put the phone down, pick up a critter and reconnect with how therapeutic the sense of touch feels.

My hand-made ceramics aren’t just gifts; they’re meaningful pieces of art influenced by the incredible wildlife found throughout the British Isles.

  • Crafted with love: Each critter is hand-made from scratch by me in my Yorkshire studio
  • Celebrating nature: Inspired by British Wildlife, bring a touch of nature into your home
  • Thoughtful gift: Surprise him with something completely different
  • Gift wrapped: Critters come in their own stylish modern gift packaging

Take a peek at my collection of hand-made critters, including:

  • Bright cheeky foxes, bobbly bunnies and curious badgers
  • Eye-catching joyful birds

Whether your guy loves nature, is a fan of collectables or just likes a specific type of animal, there’s sure to be a critter perfect for him. Want to be even more romantic? Why not check out the critters who’ve paired up…

  • Quality assurance: These critters aren’t mass produced in a factory, they’re made by me from start to finish
  • Ecofriendly: Standing the test of time, not a plastic throw-away. I use 100% renewable energy sources and recycled/compostable packaging.
  • Giving back: I’m able to create sculptures to raise funds for wildlife conservation through my art.
  • Secure shopping: Shop confidently on a secure platform – a smooth and safe shopping experience.
  • Free delivery: Free delivery in the UK using a tracked, first class option


This Valentine’s Day, go beyond the usual or expected Valentine’s Day gifts and express your love with a unique, hand-crafted critter.