V is for Vole

A few weeks ago, I had a little bank vole visit the garden. He kept popping out of his little hiding hole and just by chance I saw him and had the camera with me. What a treat!

Goodbye my friend

A few days later I found his lifeless little body on the steps. The neighbourhood cats had got to him.

I picked up his tiny body and placed him carefully in the grass with a couple of flowers I picked for him. I was so upset at the needless death of my little friend.

Poor Voley

The Universe loves to let you know it’s watching

This weekend I’ve been up in the Lake District and popped into an art shop. The picture I saw took my breath away! I truly honestly believe it is a sign from the universe, and is now hanging on my wall at home.

Never underestimate the magnitude of seemingly small gestures. x

The beautiful water colour is by local artist Sarah Stoker. Who kindly granted me permission to use a snap of her piece on my wall for you to see.