Walkabout on Bempton Cliffs

Every now and then I take an impromptu day out of the studio. It’s important to give the brain and body a break and leave space to allow new inspiration to flow.

My favourite road trips always involve the coast, and if I can combine wildlife and seaside then I’m as happy as a pig in mud. So off to Bempton Cliffs I went, armed with my camera and longest lens.

I wasn’t disappointed. The gannets were particularly inspiring as I got to watch them up close gathering nesting materials.

Walking across the tops I had the closest encounter to a wild Kestrel I’ve ever had too! I came away with loads of useful reference photos.


South Landing

Not far from Bempton is Flamborough South Landing. When I visited last year I was treated to a nest of house martins nestled in the chalk cliffs at the back of the beach.

Unfortunately, they weren’t there this year, the chalk cliffs had crumbled further so they must have moved on.