Wildlife Warriors

Up and down the country, a small band of resistance is fighting a war on ignorance, complacenecy and downright cruelty. Their weapons? Hard work, passion and love for wildlife. They are young and old alike. They are retired and working, but they all have one thing in common, and that is to help our wildlife.

Now you may say, “it’s natures way,” but when it is OUR own fault that they need help, then surely it should be up to us to help right the wrong?

What do our children do for fun?

Tales of children taking pleasure in not just scaring animals (who may die from the stress) but hurting and killing them. OUR children, YOUR children, the children yours go to school with, taking a biro to a living hedgehog and stabbing it so many times it’s innards spill out. Can you imagine the trauma? I doubt you can. This is not TV, it is not the movies. This is real life.

Where do we think they’re learning that wild animals don’t matter?

A Nation of Animal Lovers?

In a world where animals are welcomed into our homes and hearts as family, we’re supposed to be a nation of animal lovers. To desert a dog or hurt a cat is incomprehensible.

Yet everyday, millions fire up their lawnmowers, plug in their strimmers, spray toxic chemicals on their gardens without a second thought there might be a living being amongst their garden. Strimmer and mower injuries are so common it’s devastating.

Mass-marketing of “weed killers,” has this animal-loving nation pulling the trigger to launch toxic chemicals at whatever the particles come across. To know an innocent creature has ingested this poison, and know they’re going to writhe around in the most agonising death filled with vomit, blood and terror, just because you don’t like Dandelions where “they shouldn’t be.” makes me weep for society.

Did you know, people actually STEAL animals from sanctuaries and rescues? I’m talking about WILD animals.

It’s not hopeless

I’m not a vigilante, nor an activist, but I know when something is wrong and needs addressing. We can all play our little part of looking after the wildlife and nature on our own doorstep.

Yes, we all want to save the elephants, reduce plastic in the oceans, cry over the desperate plight of the White Rhino, and when we’re shown the adverts on TV by charities raking in millions, we obligingly add to the total to ease our conscience. We’re helping to save the tigers.

Then we go out and mow the lawn, kill the weeds.

Please, please, help look after what is on your own doorstep. It doesn’t take much effort or money, and you will actually be making a difference!

Here’s some suggestions;

Plant bee-friendly flowers – as easy as scattering some wildflower seeds.

Check areas of long grass for animals before mowing and strimming.

Put a shallow dish of water out in hot weather for the animals.

Don’t use weedkillers or poisons.

If you want to donate, find local rescues and sanctuaries who are always overflowing and give to them.

Rescued Hoglet
Rescued Hoglet
Rescued Hoglets
Rescued Hoglets
Rescued Hoglet