World Curlew Day Art Exhibition

From the 19th March 2022 until the 1st May, Curlew Action – the national charity dedicated to the conservation of curlews – is holding an art exhibition at the Wetland and Wildfowl Trust site at Slimbridge.

I’m incredibly lucky to live in an area blessed with curlews. Truly special birds I hear them singing as spring arrives, and often see them when I’m out walking. But this isn’t the case everywhere and they need our help and protection.

The Curlew Art Exhibition at Slimbridge

This exhibition is an exciting opportunity to celebrate one of Britain’s most loved birds. The long, downward curving bill and haunting cry of the curlew has been inspiring artists and poets for centuries, and for World Curlew Day 2022 Curlew Action is partnering with Wildfowl and Wetland Trust to bring together curlew artwork from around the country.

World Curlew Day (21st of April), was created by Mary Colwell, director of Curlew Action in 2017 as a grass-roots initiative to shine a light on curlews and the dangers they face. Sadly, in the last 25 years we have lost 65% of curlew and they are at real risk of extinction as a breeding bird in parts of Britain.

Celebrating curlew through the creative arts is a great way to raise awareness and some much needed funds for curlew conservation. Every artist in this exhibition has generously donated 50% to 100% of the sale price to Curlew Action and WWT.

The Golden Chick

The piece I have donated that will be part of the exhibition and to raise funds is named, “The Golden Chick.” It is a modern, abstract sculpture which features a mother sheltering her precious chick under her wing, her recognisable bill shining gold as she gently tucks them in. I made the piece to highlight the precious nature of each and every curlew chick. We need to protect them just as their mother does.

Hand-built using stoneware clay.

Curlew and chick sculpture