Hi! I’m Sarah and I make sculptures of British wildlife from clay and bronze.

Nature’s great for us. It’s calming, grounding and therapeutic. I want you to feel these things when you touch my sculptures.

It’s a physical interaction, not just a visual one.

The sculptures are all about the soul and essence of the wildlife I’m making and how they make me feel. What lights me up is seeing how you engage with them and how they make you feel too.

They’ve all got their own stories, but the beauty of sculpture is that they become part of your stories too, and of course they insist on being named and patted.

There’s no “do not touch” signs round here, for me, that’s the whole point in having sculptures.

You’re probably here because you’re a wildlife fan too, so please make yourself at home and have a nosey around…

Why clay?

There’s nothing between you and the material. It just feels so raw and so natural. It’s like you’re working with the earth.


I’m lucky enough to live on the edge of the Pennines and I just love getting out walking and I’ll very often come across wild animals on my travels. There’s birds nesting in my garden, hedgehogs visiting and it’s just wonderful.

Giving back and getting involved

“The most effective way to save the natural world is to cause people to fall in love with it again.” – Sir Peter Scott, founder of WWT

For us, it’s hard to not be in love with the natural world, but there are so many people out there missing this connection. Sculpting British wildlife shows what’s on our own doorstep and gets people to think, reconnect and hopefully love nature a bit more than they did before.