Not Your Normal Animal Sculptures

Nature and wildlife sculptures are my canvas. I’m free to create curves instead of detailed studies.

Colours and alchemy bring them to life in the same way I created abstract paintings.

To hold the sculpture in my hands and feel the shape whilst enjoying how the colours swirl and mingle, like a wonderful miniature atmosphere. The clay born from the universe giving back to it.

Everything is connected.

The Healing Power of Nature & Art

Through my art I hope to share with you the healing power of nature, and the wisdom and messages they give so freely to those willing to listen.

I’m finally making a stand for all those kids who were told that art is just for playtime, that maths is more important than art. That artists don’t do “proper work,” and that it’s not a career. To reject society’s concept that work must come before wellbeing. To stand up and say I am a highly sensitive person and it is a superpower, not a flaw.

Bunny Ceramic