British Wildlife Sculptures

British wildlife is a never-ending source of inspiration for my sculptures. I purposefully choose to focus on what’s on my doorstep because they’re the creatures I come into contact with, rather that using reference photos that somebody else took of something I’ve never seen from somewhere I’ve never been.

Every sculpture starts its life in the same way – a bag full of clay.

Ceramic Sculptures

I use a high-firing stoneware clay. I use this because it’s tougher than other types of clay (I can’t be trusted not to break fragile things!) It reaches a staggering 1250°C in my kiln and the heat helps give it the strength and reassuring weight. These aren’t your Grandma’s china teapots.

I finish the ceramic sculptures with a range of different glazes.

Bronze Sculptures

Sometimes, I won’t fire my clay sculpture – I take it to the foundry to be cast in bronze instead.

There’s a reason why bronze is chosen for public art installations – it’s tactile and encourages interaction with it so it reveals its story through time. Every hand that touches it adds to that story.

Bronze Owl Sculpture

­­ As the evening fades into the inky night, owl, from a familiar perch, stretches her wings for a night of silent hunting in the darkness. Unseen by humans yet so close they can hear her call, her eyes catch the moonlight as it softly illuminates her in the night.

Limited Numbered Edition 9

Bronze Hare Sculpture


When you see hares boxing in the wild, it’s very often the female fighting the males to test their strength. If they pass this test, they’ve then got to keep up with her speed and then fight off any other suitors. Only then will she think him worthy. In a world full of Disney princesses awaiting rescue by Prince Charming, the hare’s choice in the matter of a suitor really speaks to me.

Limited Numbered Edition 9

Bronze Kingfisher Sculpture

Kingfishers are seen in many cultures throughout the world as a symbol of good luck, prosperity and happiness. I feel all three when I manage to see one for myself in the wild!

Limited Numbered Edition 9

bronze puffin sculptures

Bronze Puffin Sculptures

Sculpted in tribute to the puffins of Bempton Cliffs, this trio of cheeky characters never fail to bring a smile to our faces, always appearing cheerful and comical. Adorable, playful, sociable little birds, I sculpted them to capture the essence of the puffin and how they make us feel, rather than an anatomical, biological copy.

Limited Numbered Edition 12

Large Bronze Robin Sculpture

A robin appears when a loved one is near

Our brave, bright, little feathered friends are all around us, but seem to know when we need them the most. This human journey and all the experiences we share unify us. So does nature, and none more so than the robin.

Limited Numbered Edition 9

Danu – Ceramic Hare Sculpture

A physical representative of the Celtic goddess of nature and fertility, she also represents wisdom, magic, nature and abundance – qualities which put me in mind of witches (wise women) whom it was believed could transform themselves into hares in times past.

The Watcher – Large Owl Sculpture

A unique sculpture of an owl in a black glaze

Tall and slender, this queen of the night sits patiently in the darkness, watching and waiting. They see all.

Metallic Ceramic Robin Sculpture

A robin appears when a loved one is near. Our brave, bright, little feathered friends are all around us, but seem to know when we need them the most.

Metallic Ceramic Wren Sculpture

One of the smallest birds with the biggest voices, the wren is always such a treat to see and I’ve been particularly blessed by these little visitors to my garden over the years.

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