Owl sculpture

You can probably tell I’m a massive fan of owls by the fact my logo’s a barn owl.

I’ve been lucky enough to see owls in their wild habitats; high in the tree canopies of ancient woodland. I’ve spotted them purely by chance when out walking. I’ve even had one sat on my TV aerial one evening.

One of my favourite moments in nature was walking along the trail to see a bundle of fluff staring at me with sleepy eyes from a tree above the path. The glow of the early dawn fell on us both as our worlds connected for that moment in time. That’s what makes owls so special. It’s the chance meetings, the fleeting sightings, and how they know you’re there long before you know they are.

Throughout history, owls have been revered and feared. The fear of what lies in the darkness. Believed to hold knowledge and spiritual power, they’re still seen as messengers and omens in some countries. 

Here in the UK, thankfully, we’ve grown to love our screechers, hooters and tooters rather than being scared of them. 

I’ve seen 4 of the 5 main species of UK owls in the wild. I’ll see the long-eared owl out there somewhere when the universe decides no doubt.

Do you have a favourite owl? I know that’s a tough choice. I used to think it was the barn owl, but having had numerous close encounters with tawny owls, I think they may just hold my heart that bit more.

Making Owl Sculptures

Owl sculptures are one of my favourite things to create.

If you’ve ever seen the bone structure of an owl, you’ll know that they’re mostly long legs and feathers (affectionately termed ‘floof’) It’s this ‘floof’ along with their face that gives them such a wonderfully pleasing form to sculpt. 

I’ve been lucky enough to stroke owls, and it’s a feeling I’ll never forget. Those owls took a part of my soul with them, but left me with an overwhelming feeling of love. A fair exchange if you ask me.

When I shape a sculpture I run my hands over the clay, forming and smoothing it, stroking it and loving it. When you have one of my sculptures I imagine you doing the same and feeling soothed, calm and connected, just as I was.

Alongside their shape, their eyes are really important for me to connect with. They’re like mirrors reflecting back how I would imagine they see me looking at them – with unconditional love, joy, a soulful connection and a little sparkle of mischief. Because what’s life without a little mischief?

Baby Owl

Want your own owl sculpture?

The ones I have ready for new homes are below, but if you’d like your own size and colours drop me a line – [email protected]