A funky little gibbon

Once upon a time, a baby Brabbin was born in Blackpool’s Victoria Hospital, just behind Blackpool Zoo.

The funky gibbons would keep the other babies awake, but not baby Brabbin.

Perhaps she, unbeknown to the nurses, was a howler monkey too.


Art has always been there, even though life squashed it for a while. Brought up believing that being an artist wasn’t an option, and maths was more important than playtime.

The pandemic hit, I turned 40 and thought, “screw it, I want to be an artist!”


Through my art I want to share what’s in my heart.


Nature is my passion. I use my art and my heart to help wildlife.

Environmental Considerations

My kiln uses electricity from 100% renewable sources, it is an eco-kiln and highly efficient so as to use as little power as possible.

I recycle my scrap clay and use rainwater collected in the garden for the workshop.

Any printed items are from FSC approved sources and I reuse packaging and encourage people to do the same.


My workshop is my garage. It’s not posh, it’s freezing in winter and hot in summer. But it’s my wonderful space to be creative. The massive window at the back is where my desk is – I watch all the birds coming and going and can hear their songs. It feels like I’m working outside and it makes me VERY happy.


My spiritual journey took me by surprise but has made my life so much better.

It’s seen me gain professional qualifications in Reiki (humans and animals!) Animal Communication & Psychic Development/Mediumship.

All of my creations are imbued with love and healing energy.