About me

“Your face just lights up (when talking to me about wildlife) I can see how much you love it” – Dom Chinea, Make it at Market & The Repair Shop

Until I was old enough to be sent to proper school to learn important things like Pythagoras’s theory, I’d be at my happiest drawing wildlife. Becoming an, ‘Artist’ was never an option, so off I went to uni to study Industrial Design Innovation. Not exactly birds and badgers.

Anyway, as it does to us all, life took me on a journey and I ended up being a professional photographer when the pandemic hit. Ooh, time off to enjoy the garden and sunshine! I even had chance to rediscover my love of drawing wildlife.

Call me crazy, but I decided to throw myself in at the deep end. I put my camera down and started to become the artist I always wanted to be before algebra boggled my brain and I was told to do something sensible.

Don’t make a mess!

I got my sticky little paws into a bag of clay and that was it for me.

It was smooth, it was cold, it got under my fingernails, it stuck to my hands…suddenly the words drummed into me as a kid,

“don’t make a mess,” rang in my brain and I felt a massive rebellious urge to grab that clay and get right into it.

Of course I did, and do, and will do for the rest of my life.

When I’m not sculpting I’ll be out and about with the big camera enjoying nature, walking in the countryside and getting very giddy about seeing wildlife.

Studio Life

My studio’s at the top of the garden where my sculpting’s always being interrupted by the shenanigans of the wildlife (I’m easily distracted)

All my clothes have some form of “art residue” on them so people see me and assume I’m a decorator or plasterer – Mum still rolls her eyes at my appearance but I can’t help being a messy worker. That’s why I keep the glazing away from the sculpting studio.

I’ve got my own kiln which lives in my converted garage and runs off 100% renewably sourced power.

To make my bronzes, I work with a traditional British foundry near Liverpool. Casting in bronze is an amazing process but it doesn’t half take a lot of time and effort!

Looking after our home

I use recycleable and recycled packaging for posting out my work – including the packing peanuts which are made from sustainable raw materials and are 100% biodegradeable and compostable.

I use power from 100% renewable sources to fire my electric kiln which is modern and highly efficient – and I only fire when they’re full so as not to waste any space. The professional clay I source comes from Stoke-on-Trent in the UK.

Looking after wildlife

I’m able to give back through by donating my art to support wildlife at a grassroots level, this is massively important to me and I’m so thankful that by purchasing from a small maker like myself you enable me to help them.