About Me

If, like me, you find yourself totally captivated by the wonders of wildlife, you may have felt that longing to be able to touch them.

If only we could hold on to that all-too-fleeting moment of joy during our encounters. We find ourselves imagining holding a puffin in our hands, to stroke the silky fur of an otter, or marvel at the little button nose of a hedgehog up close.

But for most of us, we just get to look, not touch, which is how it should be with wildlife. But it doesn’t stop us wanting to!

So here’s where my sculptures come in to their own. Through my art, I bring our incredible British Wildlife to real life, allowing you to connect with them in your own habitat whenever you want to, and the best bit? You CAN touch them, hold them, stroke them.

My sculptures aren’t anatomical biological studies. They’re studies of the soul of each creature – capturing their essence rather than just copying their physicality. Some even push the boundaries into the mythology and folklore surrounding them.

Crafting these wildlife sculptures is a deeply personal and heartfelt journey for me. I draw inspiration from my own personal encounters with wildlife.

Each sculpture captures a unique moment frozen in time, a tangible reminder of the beauty and interconnectedness of our natural world. Bringing them into your space is a reminder of a wild world teeming with life and wonder.

Wildlife Charities

It’s important for me to support the people and organisations that help our wildlife.

My art allows me to help them raise funds, so if you would like to collaborate with me please drop me a line – sarah@sarahbrabbin.com