Ups and Downs

Well today hasn’t been the best of days. I’ve been eagerly anticipating hearing from the Arts Council about an Artist development grant I applied for, and today I heard back. It wasn’t good news. But I know I won’t be the only one disappointed, and for each one of us who was rejected, another was accepted, and I honestly am so happy for them and look forward to hearing about their journey.

When I feel down in the dumps, the best thing for me is to go for a walk. On returning I see a tiny little hairless baby bird in the middle of the driveway. I don’t know how it got there, I can’t see any marks on it. So I carefully picked it up and lay it in the blue flowers. Around this time last year I lay a female blackbird to rest in the same place. My intuition was telling me that she will take care of this little one.

The male blackbird who’s been proudly singing on the highest branch for the past week is sadly quiet this evening. But we all know that life is a cycle, and tomorrow will be a new day.

I’m reminded of my revelation about why I create art, about how it allows me to feel peace in the moment without concern over the past or future. Perhaps money and business are the sacrifice I have to make for my freedom and peace of mind and a new way of being, just as the buzzards keep showing me.