Day 5 of the 30 day challenge

It’s been another scorcher! I won’t lie, the weather is making everything difficult – especially sleeping. I found myself stood outside at 2.45am trying to cool off – but the stars looked amazing!

Early afternoon I had to go for a drive with the aircon on just to cool off.
The clay bunnies have been misbehaving so are in the naughty corner whilst their broken bits hopefully mend, but badger and squirrel are newly emerging this evening and have a day of sunshine tomorrow to speed to the process along.
The message I received was a short but sweet one from a visiting greenfinch –
“Time is immaterial, it’s an illusion. It’s a fleeting recognition of the familiar, a pronounced deja vu.”

Having cooled off in a cold shower (!) something made me pop outside into the garden – hundreds of beautiful crows and jackdaws heading to their roosting site, came back on themselves and gave a wonderful display before heading back to where they were going. WOW.

Clay Badger Sculpt