horse head ceramic sculpture
Horse head sculpture

Ceramic Horse Head Sculpture

A unique sculpture of an Arab-type horse head in a metallic glaze

Horses have always been a passion of mine. At school I’d happily sit and draw them instead of paying attention in French lessons. Usually they would have a kind eye, flicked ears and be Arab in type. This sculpture is the physical realisation of those horses I would sketch in my workbooks.

Edition – One off

Size – Approx 22cm in height by 26cm in length.

Material – Stoneware clay and glaze. Stamped underneath with my logo.

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How they were made

Starting with a solid block of clay I shaped the rough shape of the horse. I let this dry further before cutting it in half, scooping out the clay inside and putting the two halves back together.

Once completely dry I bisque fired them to 1050°C, let them cool then brushed on 3 layers of glaze. Once dry they were popped back in the kiln and glaze fired to 1245°C.

Here they are once they’d been put back together before refining.