Large Robin Sculpture

A robin appears when a loved one is near

Our brave, bright, little feathered friends are all around us, but seem to know when we need them the most. This human journey and all the experiences we share unify us. So does nature, and none more so than the robin.

This hand built individual ceramic robin sculpture doesn’t shout with colour, it’s a subtle testament to the classic shape and expression we see. A quieter presence we know is there for us whenever we need.

Decorated with underglaze and a glossy brown glaze that has quirky blue highlights.

Approx. Size – 27cm tall

Edition – One of a kind

Material – Stoneware clay and glaze.

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How they were made

Starting with a former, Robin’s round belly was created first. Next I used coils of clay to bring them height and shape.

Once dry, I bisque fired them to 1050°C, let them cool, then brushed on 3 layers of glaze. Once dry they were popped back in the kiln and glaze fired to 1245°C.

Here they are in their greenware, unfired stage.