Day 26 of the 30 Day Challenge

I think the burst of activity last week has caught up with me, I spent most of this morning trying to get through to the Chiropractor for an appointment lol. Sometimes I get numb hands, I’ve not had them for a while, but when I get them they seriously affect my sleep, and I don’t function well without my kip. Thankfully someone cancelled their appointment and I’ve got theirs tomorrow.

I’ve painted a small space on the garage floor as a tester, the skip has been collected and I’m in touch with a kiln company from Lancashire. Next stage is to get an electrician out to see about power supply. What’s funny is my neighbours are all really interested in what I’m upto, and whilst not as excited as me, they certainly are intrigued and looking forward to a, “kiln warming,” party haha!

Today’s wldlife encounter was a buzzard and a kestrel, both flying together over the house! As always, I like to look up what the tinterweb consensus is for the meaning of the encounter is, and as usual there are multiple, often conflicting suggested meanings.

It was a reminder to not rely on what has already been done, but to find your own way – be free with your focus because each journey, being and moment is unique and can’t be defined by generality.

Happy Little Starfish

I got the Earthenware clay out to play, I created a star and added a smiley face, then I created another, and another. I love these happy little guys! Whether I’ll glaze them, paint them or just leave them white remains to be seen, but I can have a play when the kiln arrives 🙂

Earthenware starfish