Day 3 of the 30 Day Challenge

It’s the hottest day of the year so far, and I’ve been catching up on my journal whilst sitting under a parasol in the garden. It was so wonderful and peaceful watching the rooks in the field and the swallows above in the bright blue sky. I knew the peace wouldn’t last as the lawn mower brigade would soon be out. Up until this morning, I hadn’t seen many butterflies, but they were certainly out in force today – I’ve seen at least 4 different types and more than one of each. Walking to the local bakery for some lunch I noticed there were plenty out and about, and one poor soul was on the pavement on my way back – they weren’t there on my way to the shop. I scooped them up as they were obviously gone, and took them back to my garden.

The Butterfly’s Message

You can admire my beauty – I worked hard to transform to my current state, so appreciation is appreciated. But please, look but don’t touch. Ours is a fragile beauty. At each stage of our transformation we are wonderful, we are beautiful, we are perfect just as we are in each single breath. Our strength comes from within, and our beauty is a result of our strength.