Latest Hedgehog News

I’ve installed a Blink camera now so I can keep my eyes on the comings and goings of the wild hedgehogs in my garden. The trailcam was great but the batteries didn’t last long, and I love that the blink camera gives me notifications to my phone when it detects visitors!

My garden is looking amazing now everything has sprung to life. The ground coverand hedges are amazing and perfect for my little wild residents. At the last count there were 5 hedgehogs in one night. I do worry whenever I hear strimmers and mowers going because there’s been so many injuries and fatalities when the nice weather started. Another reason why I love my wild and free garden.

The latest release was called Cask. So named by Watermeadows Hedgehog Rescue because he was found trying to get into the Penistone Beer Festival. He was a very sick hedgehog and it took over a week to make sure he was stable and no longer needing supportive care.

He made himself quite at home and was off exploring and finding food in no time.

Raising Awareness

Two local hedgehog rescues have been raising awareness through leaflets with knitted hedgehogs spread throughout the local areas. I’ve been out helping them but despite our best efforts there’s still been a high number of gardening injuries and fatalities. It’s heartbreaking knowing they could have been prevented if people only took the time to check for wildlife before firing up the mowers and strimmers, throwing out garden “waste,” sticking forks in compost bins and using chemicals.