Listening to advice to listen

Waking up at 4am, sometimes I just feel the need to get up and not fight to get back to sleep, especially during summer when the mornings are light and the weather is warm.

Well today was no exception. So whilst people were still in bed I grabbed the camera and went for a very early morning walk. I wanted to get some more photos to use in my artwork. I wasn’t disappointed.

School holidays and the TPT is usually heaving with people, bikes, kids and dogs. Not at this time in a morning! I met so many wonderful non-human beings this morning. Just pure bliss.

So the advice I’d received from the Little Owl about using your power to listen was still echoing in my mind, so when I picked up on what I thought was an owl screech, I stopped and listened.

I followed their noises until I saw, up in the tree, a ball of floof that I instantly recognised as a baby owl. What a treat!!!

He was happily napping and opened his eyes to look at me, then closed them again whilst I got some photos to remember him by.

Baby Owl